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Thursday, 25 June 2015

How To Obtain Loan From Bank Of Industry In Nigeria

Bank of Industry is an institution in Nigeria that provide credit facilities to support small, medium and large scale companies so that entrepreneurship can strive and move ahead

The following are the list of people that can get financial assistance from Bank of industry.
Who can BoI Assist?
  • Small, medium and large enterprises, excluding cottage industries.
  • New or existing companies, seeking expansion, mordenisation or diversification.
  • Credit worthy promoters who will be required to prove their commitment to the project by contributing at least 25% of the project cost excluding land.
  • Borrowers whose management capability, financial situation (including availability of collateral and guarantee), character and reputation are incontrovertible.
  • Clients with demonstrable ability to meet loan repayments.
  • Borrowers with no record of unpaid loans to erstwhile development finance institutions and other banks.
The following are the steps you can take to access credit facilities from Bank Of Industry

The 1st Step:
You will write an application letter showing your interest in accessing credit facility from bank of industry, Nigeria. This is a normal formal application letter which you will address to the Bank Of Industry

The 2nd Step
Bank Of Industry has An Appraisal Requirement and Questionnaire which any applicant seeking to get credit facility need to fill and complete the form and get it submitted to BOI industry for thorough perusal, reviewed and approved
 Want to download Appraisal Requirements and  Questionnaire Form, CLICK HERE

The 3rd Step
The last but not the least is to submit the BOI’s Appraisal and Questionnaire Form to any of their nearest office. Need the list of Bank Of Industry where you can submit the form, Clickhere

Bank Of Industry has really help some Nigerians access credit facilities to support their businesses, anyone including YOU can also benefit from this excellent financial benefit
If you want to move on to the fastlane, you urgently need to know how the rich raise
money that is not their own to finance huge business opportunities and keep
generating unending cash in a passive form.

If you want to switch to fastlane where people control economic resources and
unlimited wealth regardless of any economic recession, you have to think like rich
and start doing what they do to become rich. One of which is to know how to raise
money and the other is to know how to identify profitable business opportunities.
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How To Get Loan In Nigeria

The rate at which economic crisis is looming cannot be over-emphasized, most people are unemployed while the little ones who are gainfully employed are underpaid. The financial crisis generally affects all the sectors of the economy and also affects the minds of every individual whether you are a factory worker or you are a trader working as an entrepreneur.

Everyone is seriously complaining of not having enough cash to deal with their day to day financial obligation due to the weakness of the economy and different hikes in prices. Our living expenses and cost of living, especially in the major keep rising up without adequate or additional earning to justify the increase in the living expenses on our everyday necessities.

You may be bothered to think or contemplating if you could find any unsecured loan to help you meet up with the upcoming purchases or projects, I’m here to assure that you don’t need to panic. A lot of genuine lenders are out there looking for profitable businesses to invest their capital upon.

It is now easier than before to see many reliable investors in the market with capital and who are willing to lend money to deserving and worthy borrowers regardless of the current economic crisis here and there that made some lenders to restrain their capital to the genuine borrowers

You don’t Really Need To Risk Your Collateral Any Longer
In the economy today, you hardly see any lender imposing tight collateral on the loan perhaps they are fully aware that some of the borrowers don’t really have the collateral which they can put down against a secured loan. The reasons for not imposing such unachievable collaterals are due to the high level of uncertainties in the labour market, company downsizing, poor infrastructure and many other factors militating against the social and economic development of the nation.

As a result of those factors, the borrowers fully understand that pledging collateral securities may be very difficult and a kind of decision they will not like to make. Some of the borrowers who are gainfully employed fear losing their jobs after taking loan from their employer or any financial institution using their emolument as collateral. If anything happen to their job and they eventually lose their job, their secured loan will definitely come in against them and they may lose their home in the process. Some of these and many other reasons make the unsecured loan to be so popular irrespective of the high interest rate associated with it

Unsecured Loan Can Be Used For Major Key Purposes
Fortunately, unlike some secured loans where the borrower may be giving you the condition on how to utilize the money borrowed, you can use the money to cover varied purposes such as purchase of equipment, mortgage payments, utilities, house rent, business expansion and improvement and so on. The most important thing is to have the means of paying back the loan which many lender will like to consider before giving you the loan since it is a loan without collateral.

Money For All Purposes
Improve Your Chances Of Receiving Your Unsecured Loan
It is important to ensure you get prepared and do all the necessary things that need to be done to improve your chance of getting the loan. Some lender will require you bank with them for some weeks to know more about your financial capability for the repayment of the loan. This is applicable to their new borrower or new customer, while some will ask you to bring your previous bank statement for the last six months to see whether if given the loan, you will be able to pay the money back as promised.

Some lender will love to see your business plan, loan proposal and the likes just to ensure their money is not going to the wrong hands. Try to find out what they need and get prepared to give it to them so that your loan will be approved without much delay.
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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Do You Need Step Up Loan?

Do You Need Loan?

Discover The Powerful Secrets Of Obtaining Loan Even Without Collateral  

Dear Friend,

♣ Are you interested in starting up your own business of which capital constitute the major problem?

♣ Do you really want to become your own boss? If adequate capital is given to you.

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♣ Would you like to create multiple streams of income so that you will stop depending on a job or a single source of making a livelihood?

♣ Do you need money to finance any of your profitable idea/dream so that your desire, dreams; ideas would not just die off like that?

♣ Are you still relying on a single source of income? If anything happen to such single source, how will you survive and fastrack your challenges to success?

♣ Would you like to turn your financial challenges to financial freedom?

♣ Do you really fear company downsizing, wage cut, working without promotion OR retrenchment?
♣ Are you bothered of NOT having enough cash to cater for your family’s needs?

♣ Do you really desire financial breakthroughs but you have no money to actualize your dream?

♣ Are you really searching for loan to launch your wealth empire in no time and forget about poverty and not making enough money in your life.

If all these sound like you, you are not alone. This is the right medium where you will get the amazing solutions to the problem of finance. 

The secrets I’m about to reveal to you is the hidden secret of the richest and almost all the rich people in the whole world. You can imagine, some commercial banks published the list of their top borrowers in most of the front page of various newspapers in this country sometimes ago, if you could vividly remembered, you will discover that the list contained the names of the most richest people , most famous and most industrious in the country.

This is to tell you that the rich people constitute the largest number of borrowers in this country or in any country of high economic development.

The rich don’t fear any huge sum, they do no longer use their own money but use loan to invest in different sectors of the economy. The reason is that they know the secrets of raising funds anytime they have investment opportunity to finance and that is the reason why they are richer on a daily basis.

The issue of loan has been in existence from the time immemorial, a good example of olden day lender is the “GOLD LENDER OF BABYLON”

Don’t listen to dream terminator that said you can’t realize your dream because it involves huge sum of money. There is billions of naira in the hand of investors waiting for genuine loan seekers to apply for the money to finance their business with or without collateral. 

I have been working on this report/manual for over 6 {six} months now and it really cost me a lot of time, resources and energy to compile it together, it is now out to your own advantage, hot and fresh with a lot of techniques, strategies needed to obtain loan of any amount with or without collateral.

There are two {2} secrets of the riches viz:
1. They know how to find opportunities
2. They know how to raise money to finance the opportunity

If you know how to find opportunities, you must also know how to raise money to finance your opportunities and the result is wealth. If you have any idea, business, project or contract that you need fund to finance, here is the secrets and ways of raising enough money to realize your mission. 

The most fascinating aspect of it is that whether you have collateral or not, with this report/manual, you will learn how to obtain loan or raise fund without any hassle or stress.
Let me list in details what you are going to learn from this Loan Blueprint.
♦ Step by step guide on how to raise money to finance any business of your choice. Entrepreneurs and business owners rule the economy. If you want to get out of the complaining crowd, poverty and mediocrity, you need to learn from this report without further delay.

♦ How to overcome the issue of collateral if you don’t have anyone. Not knowing this may make it difficult for you to get loan. Once you know how to tackle this stumbling block, you are already on your way to obtain your required loan.

♦ The secrets of raising fund to start any business of your choice and how to maintain it to the fullest of unlimited wealth creation.

♦ The techniques of raising money to build your dream home and acquire commercial properties that will keep fetching you money and your generation yet unborn.

♦ Tricks of knowing how good character can replace collateral. If you are honest and display high level of integrity, getting loan will be easier. This report will teach you how to do just that.

♦ How to use insurance certificate to raise money. You will learn all strategies involved in using insurance certificate to obtain loan if you wish to apply that method out of the various methods I will explain to you.

♦ The list and contact of instant private loan providers. Knowing them and how they operate will also benefit you

♦ 12 quick tips of getting your bank loan approved with no collateral. The self explanatory steps in making your loan officers want to grant you loan without any collateral securities.
♦ The list of sure banks that grant loan without any delay and how to approach them so as to get your loan approved. Trying banks that are not in this category may be a great wasting of time

♦ The secrets of writing an irresistible business plan. A good and well written business plan is a loan love letter to persuade any financial institution to help you start your business with your required loan amount. Not knowing this on time may be very dangerous to your wealth building aspiration.

♦ You will discover how the rich people use other people’s money and time to build different successful businesses and companies for themselves. You just have to know this because it is shocking and mind blowing.

● The Tricks of building your own solid wealth empire. Not knowing this will surely make you to be thinking whether government or so called employer will make you rich and solve your financial problems.

I know you are anxious to know the price of this manual; I’m not done yet until you have access to the following laudable bonuses

● Business plan template {Valued $48}

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You can see that my FREE bonuses and other benefits worth more than N100,000 in value. Don’t let anything stop you from missing this amazing offer because It is quite unfortunate that I really wanted to reveal these secrets to only 200 people as part of my own contribution to the economic development of this country. 

I will like to guide these action takers to obtain or raise the fund they needed for their business and help them to succeed with financial advice. They will also be assisted on how they can find opportunities that will make them become financially independent.
But I’m still not done, hear this first. 

This secrets of obtaining loan or raising fund to finance your business, project, idea or an existing enterprise no matter how big or small is only open for a limited time and for few wealth minded people, but the first 50 people to order for this package will be given a discount and a special gift worth more than additional N10,000 in value which I will not like to disclose here.

For you to know that you are faced with great competition and deadline, I have almost 100 people begging me to reveal this secret to them but I told them to wait until I reveal it to all Nigerians. If you act fast, you may be among the lucky people to join my 200 special lists which I can conveniently guide to achieve their dream. If any financial opportunity opens up, those in this list will be the first set of people to hear and benefit from it.

Are you not tired of earning income on a slowlane category, you keep relying on an income that is not enough to provide you and your family with basic needs of shelter, food, clothing not to even talk of luxuries of say massive and gorgeous mansion with exotic cars.

If you want to move on to the fastlane, you urgently need to know how the rich raise money that is not their own to finance huge business opportunities and keep generating unending cash in a passive form.

You are not born to be poor, the reason why you remain where you are is that, you refuse to take action on what rich are doing to become rich and you focus on doing what poor people are doing to become poor

How much do you think this special report Package will cost you, the package and its content worth more than N100,000. If ask you to pay N30,000 to show you the right path to financial freedom, the value worth the sum, But i will make it easier for you so that you don't pay close to that.

I will not tell you to pay any of these prices N20,000, N10,000, N7,000. NOT even N5,000 This is to show you i really want to help you. 

To unleash the hidden secrets of obtaining loan without collateral, unlock the secrets to financial freedom and open the gate of financial breakthrough, you only need to invest the token sum of N3,000 

Note: You have 100% Money Back Guaranteed. So you have nothing to lose instead you will have in your possession lot of the wonderful hidden secrets of the riches which they usually use to create more wealth and I know you will definitely thank me later for that. 

If you are not satisfied with I put together in this loan report, just ask for your money back and I will refund you every kobo you pay for this loan report. I put all the risk on my shoulder and you have nothing to lose. The decision is in your hand; act wisely to join the millionaire club.

To order for this life changing report, pay the sum of N3,000 to any of the bank details below:

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

How To Get A Million Naira Loan Without Collateral

Most of us don't want to admit it that you can obtain a million naira loan without collateral, the difficult economic situation also contributes to the problem in the society. It makes people live below their means.

If an unexpected circumstances happen, the expenses spring up. Most people are not prepared to take control of unthinkable situation. Credit card keep maxing out while saving dried up.

When some of this situation happen, the only best way to get out of it, is to obtain loan to help alleviate the financial difficulties.

Unsecured loans are loans available to borrowers without needing collateral security. Rather than risking your property in the face of unsecured loan, only signature and some agreements are required.

This type of loan can provide financial relief to people who have no savings or property that can serve as their collateral in the case of secured loans. Anybody facing
financial urgencies can opt for this type of loan.

Depending on your income, credit rating, finding unsecured loan is possible. These type of loan are given based on different type of factors. It is important to make sure you are qualify.

They need to find out about your income capability. This is your ability to repay back the money borrowed as at when due. Your lender are seriously interested in your financial strength to ensure smooth repayment of the loan borrowed.

Another important factor to be considered before you can qualify for an unsecured loan, is the issue of ''credit worthiness''. The lender will like to know about your attitude towards handling finances in the past by finding out about your credit history.

If you have a bad credit score, it alerts the lender that you may have problem managing your payments in the future if the loan is approved to you. 

Want To Know How To Get Your Loan Approved, Click HERE

Looking for an unsecured loan is simple and easier nowadays than before, with an increase in the internet and online lenders, you are no longer restricted by the difficult options offered to you by your brick and mortar local banks. 

Want To Know The Detail Secrets Of Getting Up To A Million Naira Loan Without Any Collateral, Check This Out  

There are some reliable loan brokers where borrowers can get several quotes from reputable financial institutions
In today's difficult economy, getting financial needs when you need it is very vital. This is the reason why looking to get unsecured loans is a great available options which do not need any collateral securities whatsoever. This can help you really get the most money at a least expense.

Finally! Discover The Easiest And Fastest Ways Of Getting Up To N1 Million Naira (Unsecured Loan) With Any Collateral Securities, Check Out Free Details Here

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Personal Loan

Today I’m going to share with you some necessary reasons why you need to consider taking loans. Actually loan is very helpful but one need to think deeply before obtaining one. I’m also going to discuss with some informative tips whenever you think of taking loan.
Funding may be one of the major reasons why people think of taking loan. In case you have one or two things to do and you don’t have enough money for such, you may think of getting loan and pay it later in a convenient manner.

Loan is a normal thing in one’s life and you don’t need to be afraid of taking one whenever the need arises. What I will tell you here is to avoid taking loan that could not be easily repaid especially when you are using it for non business purpose. You can use loan to buy car, home and kitchen appliances, to plan and do your wedding, pay up for professional program and the likes.

One thing that you need to keep at the back of your mind is that don’t let the excitement judge your intention of seeking loan. As a matter of fact, if you intend to make huge purchases or using the loan for improvement, you should consider the priority and importance of such project before you make up your mind to finance it with loan.

Sometimes you will have to save for a particular project rather than paying for it with loan in order to reduce the rate of interest costs and other inconveniences but if the purpose is genuine and urgent, there is nothing wrong in using loan to finance it.
Most times people obtain loans due to emergencies and unexpected circumstances. They find it very hectic to meet up with their obligations and finally result to seek for a loan which is not wrong anyway. I will like to mention some of the unexpected or emergency expenses which may require folks to quickly source for loan include but not limited to accidents, medical bills, urgent car repair, emergency home, urgent business capital and so on.

In the aforementioned crucial needs, loan is critically needed to meet up with such cases and obligations, but a word of caution, one need to find the most suitable and low interest rates loan to satisfy your obligations. It is possible to source for unsecured loans to avoid high cost of interests and other difficult terms and conditions.

Taking loan is indeed financially helpful but you need to understand and think over some loan terms and conditions before applying for them such as loan repayment duration, think of how much you can afford to borrow and do an accurate repayment options
For More Information On How To Obtain Loan, Raise Business Capital To Start Your Own Business Or To Expand Your Existing Ventures Without Collateral Visit LOAN-X.BLOGSPOT.COM or contact me on or call me on 08036882653

To Your Success

Friday, 20 December 2013

Top Business Loans Tips

Today I will like to share with you greatest top business loan tips which no one had ever share with you before. There is this popular question which many new entrepreneurs or some newbie existing business owners used to ask about the possibility of obtaining loan without collateral. Some people believe it is not possible but I keep them telling not to say something is not possible rather find out how it is going to be possible.

To be sincere with you it is very possible to secure loans without any collateral. Just that there is a way of doing it. Depending on the financial institution you approach and how versatile you are on the knowledge of raising business finance while you have no valuable property that will serve as collateral.
It is no longer news to get loan without collateral, if you found it difficult to believe, it means you have been living under the rock for a while. Joke apart, you are 100% sure of any loan amount if you have a well written business plan. If you are starting a business newly and you know you have no collateral to secure the loan amount needed from the bank. Just go get a well crafted business plan.

Business plan is not strange and is easy to quickly develop if you are determined to do so. In case you don’t know what business plan is? It is just the detailed plan explaining the future of your business. Your business plan will tell your financier how you are going to utilize the money if given to you.
Assuming you are planning to open a supermarket in your city, all you need to do is to explain in detail what and what you are going to use the money for. If you are going to rent a space, pay for the goods that will be put in your supermarket, transportation cost, advert expenses and any other miscellaneous expenses should be clearly stated.

Your business plan is like the address of where you are going, if you are going to where you don’t know before and you have no direction to guide and lead you to the destination, you may easily go astray. Your business plan should also anticipate what the profit of the business will be (profit potential). Your business plan will assist your banks to give you the money needed for the business because they would have seen through your business plan where you are going to get the money to pay them back.

You know you intend to secure the loan amount on basis of NO COLLATERAL, your financial company must see where and how to make the money to pay their money back when it is time. By having a well detailed business plan, you are already on the sure way to obtain the loan without any problem.

After you might have completed the writing of your business plan, you can first of all take it to a chartered accountant or a professional banker to help you proofread it and make necessary correction if the need be.
The next step is to present it to where you will be given the money desired for your business. Take it to any financial institution and I’m sure you will be welcomed and the loan will be given to you. Want to know more how it works   CLICK here For Free Loan Package